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June 8 - June 29, 2024 

Elana Kundell, Janet Neuwalder, Carol Shaw-Sutton 

Fatemeh Burnes, Founder and Curator

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 8, 7 - 9 pm

Closing Reception: Saturday, June 29, 7 - 9 pm 

Viewings by Appointment


515 Gallery at the Bendix 

1206 Maple Avenue, #515

Los Angeles, CA 90015 

“Sharing is a fundamental aspect of human interaction, spanning from essentials like food to the intangible realm of ideas. The ‘Share-A-Wall’ initiative embodies this ethos by actively promoting the arts and humanities. It encourages supporters to amplify lesser-seen artwork, granting wider visibility and a broader audience to the voices of many artists. Through various platforms and spaces, ‘Share-A-Wall’ upholds a longstanding tradition of inclusivity and accessibility, demonstrating that anyone, with just one wall, can catalyze meaningful change. 


The inaugural exhibition of ‘Share-A-Wall,’ Titled ‘PUSH AND PULL,’ showcases three visual artists who share commonalities and differences in their practices. These artists—Elana Kundell, Janet Neuwalder and Carol Shaw-Sutton—have supported each other's work throughout the years and have developed an ongoing conversation. Despite residing outside the mainstream art communities of Los Angeles, their exchange enriches the cultural landscape of our city and allows diverse communities to engage with artwork that may be geographically distant from their own experience.”


—Fatemeh Burnes 



Elana Kundell, Every Bit of You, oil on panel,  6” x 6”, 2009
Carol Shaw-Sutton, Acceptance, plant reeds, linen and kozo paper fiber, 43” x 36”, 2022
Janet Neuwalder, Shikata Ga Nai | It Cannot Be Helped, hand-pinched porcelain, dimensions variable, 2023, photo by Jesse Groves
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